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The Strings That Hold Me Here

24 June
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i am just your normal, everyday, IB drama student who is obsessed with anime... yea.. that about covers it.

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acting, aerosmith, afi, aim, alanis morrisette, amelia atwater-rhodes, animals, anime, anime/manga, anne rice, aol, astrology, astronomy, bend it like becham, bondage, bondage pants, breaking benjamin, broadway, cat girls, celtic magick, chains, classic rock, clothing design, coffee, coffee shops, concerts, cooking, cosplay, creativity, cuddling, dancing in the rain, danica shardae, degreassi, dogma, drama, drawing, dressing as a cat, duke tip, elton john, eyeliner, faerie wings, fantasy, fire, fishnets, friends, fruits basket, ghosts, glitter, glowsticks, goddesses, gossip girl, goth, grease, guitarists, guitars, guys, hair, harry potter, hentai, holding hands, hopeless romantic, hot topic, ib, icons, individuality, inuyasha, ipod, j-pop, jagged little pill, japan, journals, king of the hill, kisses, kitties, kitty ears, leather, led zeppelin, ljs, lord of the rings, love, macintosh, magick, makeup, manga, mayfair witches, meow, moulin rouge, movies, music, musicals, naps, new age, nightmare before christmas, palmistry, photography, photoshop, piercings, pink floyd, pirates, poetry, poetry books, pro-choice, rain, ramen noodles, reading, red hot chili peppers, rock, rocky horror picture show, romance, roses, runes, sailor moon, seether, shakespeare, shiny objects, singing, sleep, snow, solitude, soul mates, star wars, stars, stories, strawberries, swimming, tarot, the breakfast club, the darkness, the simpsons, theatre, tip, true love, vampires, velvet revolver, video games, wicca, wicked, wild act, witchcraft, wizard of oz, wolf's rain, wolves, women's rights, writing, writing poems, x/1999, yaoi, you oughta know, yu yu hakusho, zane cobriana